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Replacing Your Roof In Scottsdale

For 20 years and counting, Sonoran Peak has been working to provide Scottsdale homeowners with the best roofing services in 

Arizona. Our dedicated teams have replaced, and repaired every type of roof you can find in Scottsdale including shingle roofs, tile roofs, flat roofs and speciality or imported materials. 

Our secret is that we aim to provide the most thorough and straightforward customer experience possible by honoring a commitment to craftsmanship and honesty. By working toward this goal every day for the last two decades, we have been able to cement ourselves as the premier roofing contractor in Scottsdale. 

Each year, residents of Scottsdale trust Sonoran Peak to repair and replace their roofs after a severe storm rolls through and causes serious damage to the city.  From heavy rain and strong winds to massive hail stones and flash floods, the East Valley is no stranger to what can happen when nature has its way. 

During the monsoon season, we often see homes with serious damage to the underlayment when shingles and tiles are pulled off the roof, exposing the decking below and allowing water to penetrate into the attic and walls of the house. There is no way to prevent severe weather but there are ways to mitigate the extensive damage caused by heavy rainfall. 

The simplest way to protect your home is to have your roof inspected for damage each time a storm passes through or you feel like there is a reason to believe it has been compromised. 

As one of Scottsdale’s most trusted roofing companies, Sonoran Peak regularly helps homeowners identify and repair damage to their roofs that would otherwise go unnoticed by providing free, comprehensive roof inspections. 

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Tile Roof Replacement In Scottsdale

Tile is one of the most popular roof types in Arizona and for good reason : they are durable, safe and have a long lifespan. However, it’s the paper underlayment that needs to be maintained and is always at risk of becoming damaged when tiles are dislodged or broken. The underlayment usually has a lifespan of 15 years or more, but during the summer months when temps reach well past 110 degrees, it will dry and become brittle. This of course, can lead to water finding its way into your house though gaps in the wood decking or spaces around seals. 

The process of replacing a tile roof in Scottsdale is straightforward and often only takes a few days to complete. After completing the initial inspections, our team will schedule the date to begin the work and coordinate the delivery of materials. Our roofers will arrive on the date and begin by removing tiles from one section of your roof at a time, replacing the underlayment and looking for additional damage. As each section is finished, the tiles are replaced and the work continues on another area until the job is complete.

If you are unsure when the last time an inspection was performed on your tile roof, we highly recommend that you contact an experienced, professional contractor to provide one. A simple repair can sometimes mean the difference between another year without storm damage and your kitchen becoming a swimming pool.

It can be difficult to spot damage to tile roofs, but some visible signs of damage are: 

  • Broken or missing tiles on your roof
  • Shifted or broken rain gutters
  • Clear damage to satellite dishes and AC units
  • Interior water spots on the ceiling or in corners
  • Debris on the roof

Shingle Roof Replacement In Scottsdale

Similar to tile, shingle roofs are a very popular roofing type in Scottsdale and can easily hide damage that can result in damage during a storm. 

Shingles have a lifespan of 25+ years but are not as durable as tile when it comes to dealing with strong weather and powerful winds. Frequently monsoon season in Scottsdale comes with hail storms that will puncture shingles and allow water to gather underneath and eventually flow into your home. 

These small punctures are almost impossible to see with your naked eye from ground level which is why it’s imperative that you have a Scottsdale roofing contractor come out to inspect your roof as soon as possible after a hail storm passes through your neighborhood. 

Additionally, you may see that sheets or ‘rows’ of shingles have been dislodged or are out of place. This would be another indicator that your roof needs to be repaired or replaced. 

The process of replacing a shingle roof is very similar to replacing a tile roof, but with a few small differences. For a shingle roof, it’s important to remove all of the old shingles first, then replace the underlayment, and finally, lay up the new shingles. The whole process usually only takes 2-3 days and you are free to stay in your home the entire time.

The most obvious signs of damage to your shingle roof will be:

  • Lifted, torn or missing shingles
  • Entire section of shingles blown over
  • Debris on on the roof
  • Shingles on the ground

However, just because you do not see the damage, doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. If a storm has passed and your neighborhood experienced any hail at all, it’s important that you contact a fully licensed roofing contractor from Scottsdale to complete a visual inspection.

Foam & Specialty Roof Replacement In Scottsdale

Certain types of specialty roofs can also hide damage very well because of their color, texture or design. The same rules apply here when it comes to damage from a storm or from old age: if you haven’t had an inspection done in recent memory, then get one done before the next storm season comes along. 

If you catch the damage early enough, you can avoid the headache of major repairs and prevent loss of property. Like many roofing companies in Scottsdale, Sonoran Peak offers free, comprehensive roof inspections and will always provide a written estimate for repairs and a detailed explanation of the damage.

We are committed to providing Scottsdale residents with the highest quality customer service and craftsmanship at the most competitive price possible. 

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Residential Roofing Services

Sonoran Peak offers a variety of residential roofing services to Arizona homeowners. Our crews have restored every type of roof in Phoenix including foam, flat, shingle, and custom tile.

Roof Installation

We are proud to be the first choice of several Arizona home-builders for new roof installations.

Roof Replacement

Storms and old-age are just a couple of reasons that Phoenix residents choose us to replace their roofs.

Roof Repair

Sometimes you just need a minor repair to keep your home safe from the elements.

Our Working Process



Initial consultation includes measurement, visual inspections, diagraming, and scope of work. 



Our team will draft your proposal for the scope of work discussed during the consultation.



At your convenience, we will schedule the start date and coordinate delivery of materials.



Final inspection takes place one the job is complete and the crew has left the property. 

Our Customers Say...

Gary McClureGary McClure
01:21 05 May 21
We found these guys on line and saw the good reviews, history... and they are a FAMILY business here in Arizona, not come corporate company. We liked the crew and everything looks more
Ryan BrownRyan Brown
19:05 15 Dec 20
Fast repair on my damaged roof last season and it stood up... against the recent rain that we had here. Quick appraisal process and Barry helped deal with the insurance guys all the way through. Would more
Zackary MastovZackary Mastov
05:28 16 Sep 17
Great service. Reasonable price. Outstanding quality. Clear... communication during every step of the process. Very happy I chose more
Greg LewisGreg Lewis
22:34 22 Aug 17
They are very professional. Informed us of what the process was... to be in replacing our roof. Very open to what ever questions we asked. Each step was carefully looked over before the next step began. If we need their assistance again, we will not think twice about calling them. Everyone who has seen the work they did was very impressed on how nice it looks. Thank You Sonoran Peak Roofing! Gregread more
Wayne GeorgeWayne George
20:42 11 Jul 17
We had a 684 square foot garage added to our home, with a 8 foot... wide x 22 feet long 5 ft. 5 in. tall storage area above the garage. We also had the complete roof on our home replaced with tile. Barry Cohen gave us a price and time frame to complete the job which he did to our satisfaction. We are very pleased with the work Barry did and would recommend more
Really good company. Sonoran Peak Construction & Roofing LLC is a really good company. I hired them to replace the shingle roof on my house. They did an excellent job, there are no issues at all. I had used them once before to replace a roof on another residence and they were great.
Ken C.
Scottsdale, AZ
Completely satisfied with the outcome.Sonoran Peak Construction & Roofing was up-front and honest. They were accurate and kept commitments. Got the job done, clean and neat. The turnout was great, and he is great at his craft. Would highly recommend.
Larry K.
Phoenix, AZ
Quality Workmanship and Reasonably Priced Too!I have used Sonoran Peak Construction & Roofing on two separate projects in just the last year. They have repaired and repainted walls for me, repainted the outside of the house, and did some repairs inside as well. The work was outstanding and the people were fantastic.
Corrine P.
Phoenix, AZ

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